Komanda nemačke Druge oklopne armije,
digitalizovani snimci publikacije T313, roll 192 američke Nacinalne arhive

(German 2. Tank Army documents, digitalized copies of publication T313, roll 192, form National Archive and Record Administration, Washington)
broj stranice (1-1037):
Ia, Anlagenband 15 z. KTB Nr. 4, Karten. Situation maps (1:200,000) showing fortifications and disposition of V SS Army Corps in Yugoslavia, overlays on location of coastal batteries, and areas of responsibility of German and Croatian units. Sep 16 - Dec 30, 1943.43407/167452035
Ia, Anlagenband 16 z. KTB Nr. 4. Reports on rail and ship transportation and security units. Aug 23 - Dec 31, 1943.43407/177452090
Ia, Anlagenband 17 z. KTB Nr. 4. Correspondence of Regiment Brandenburg on operations against Chetniks in Yugoslavia. Aug 23 - Dec 31, 1943.43407/187452260
Ia, Anlagenband 18 z. KTB Nr. .4, Verwendung der Italiener. Employment of Italian manpower by the German Army, refusal of Italians to swear allegiance to Hitler, and information on Italian soldiers of German descent serving in German military units. Oct 2 - Dec 23, 1943.43407/197452384
Ia, Anlagenband 19 z. KTB Nr. 4. Correspondence on liaison with neighboring armies and strength reports of Army Group B on the Dalmatian coast. Oct 7 - Dec 23, 1943.43407/207452514
Ia, Anlagenband 20 z. KTB Nr. 4. Reorganization of antitank brigades. Aug 30 - Dec 7, 1943.43407/217452562
Ia, Anlagenband 21 z. KTB Nr. 4. Operations file of the Naval liaison officer, employment of Croatian units, and reorganization charts of Leibgarde Poglavnik. Aug 23 - Dec 31, 1943.43407/227452658
Ia, Anlagenband 22 z. KTB Nr. 4. Correspondence and reports on the evacuation of the III S3 Corps, combat actions against Tito's units by the Brandenburg Regiment, and information on partisan warfare, Nov 14 - Dec 19, 1943.43407/237452939